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How Are the Mega Millions Numbers Drawn?

Behind all the lights and TV cameras, a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes work and security goes into ensuring that each Mega Millions draw is random and free from tampering, and that every ticket has an equal chance of winning.

US$ 142 Million


Mega Millions eschews computers for mechanical, gravity pick machines which are still considered to be the most random and tamper-proof lottery draw machines to-date. Officials inspect and calibrate every piece of equipment, including the numbered balls, to ensure that there are no outside influences on the results.

Once the draw has concluded and the latest Mega Millions results are in, ticket holders rush to see if they’ve joined the ranks of the biggest Mega Millions winners! With a jackpot that starts at $40 million, Mega Millions has the power to make dreams come true with each and every draw.

Are lottery prizes taxable?

Lottery winnings of $600.01 and over are subject to Federal Withholding tax.  For
winnings of $600.01, up to and including $5,000, you will be issued a W-2G form
to report your winnings on your federal income tax form.  For winnings of
$5,000.01 and over, your state’s Department of Revenue removes the 24 percent federal
withholding before you receive your winnings check (or, if it is
an annuity, from each winnings check).  You then receive a W-2G form with each
check to submit with your 1040 form to show that the 24 percent federal
withholding already has been paid.  In addition to federal tax, your state will
make additional withholdings for taxes, and most states will deduct other money that
you may owe to the state, such as back taxes, child support, loan payments, etc. 
In addition, like the federal tax withholding, the state tax withholding at the time
of prize payout may not be the total state tax owed at the end of the year. 
You must consult your state division of taxation for more information about the total
state tax requirements for lottery winners.

The state tax withholdings are as follows:

Arizona  4.8% state withholding (Arizona residents), 6% state withholding (non-Arizona residents)
Arkansas  6.6% state withholding
California  No state tax on lottery prizes
Colorado  4.63% state withholding
Connecticut  6.99% state withholding
Delaware  6.6% state withholding
Florida  No state tax on lottery prizes
Georgia  5.75% state withholding
Idaho  6.925% state withholding
Illinois  4.95% state withholding
Indiana  3.23% state withholding
Iowa  5% state withholding
Kansas  5.7% state withholding
Kentucky  5% state withholding
Louisiana  6% state withholding
Maine  7.15% state withholding
Maryland  8.95% state withholding (Maryland residents), 8% state withholding (non-Maryland residents)
Massachusetts  5% state withholding
Michigan  4.25% state withholding
Minnesota  7.25% state withholding
Mississippi  5% state withholding
Missouri  4% state withholding
Montana  6.9% state withholding
Nebraska  5% state withholding
New Hampshire  No state tax on lottery prizes
New Jersey  8% state withholding
New Mexico  4.9% state withholding
New York  8.82% state withholding, plus: 3.876% (NYC residents), 1.323% (Yonkers residents)
North Carolina  5.25% state withholding
North Dakota  2.9% state withholding
Ohio  4.797% state withholding
Oklahoma  5% state withholding
Oregon  8% state withholding
Pennsylvania  3.07% state withholding
Rhode Island  5.99% state withholding
South Carolina  7% state withholding
South Dakota  No state tax on lottery prizes
Tennessee  No state tax on lottery prizes
Texas  No state tax on lottery prizes
U.S. Virgin Islands  † Unknown State Tax Rate
Vermont  6% state withholding
Virginia  4% state withholding
Washington  No state tax on lottery prizes
Washington, D.C.  8.95% state withholding
West Virginia  6.5% state withholding
Wisconsin  7.65% state withholding
Wyoming  No state tax on lottery prizes

† This state/jurisdiction has not responded to our requests for this information.

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How to Read Mega Millions Results

To find out if you are a winner, you have to read the Mega Millions results correctly. Here is everything you need to know about checking your numbers:

  • Check the 5 Mega Millions main numbers in the correct section – those drawn from 1 to 70.
  • Check the Mega Ball in the additional number section – the one drawn from 1 to 25.
  • Always check the full Mega Millions prize breakdown. Even if you haven’t matched all the 5 main numbers and the Mega Ball, you may still have all the winning combination for one of the secondary prizes.
  • The main numbers and the Mega Ball are drawn from different guess ranges and they are not interchangeable. For instance, if the Mega Ball is 10 and you have it on your ticket in the main number section, it will not count as a match.
  • Make sure that you are checking the winning numbers for the correct draw. The date on your ticket must correspond to the date of the draw for the win to be valid.

Mega Millions Results FAQ

  1. When are the Mega Millions results up?

    You can find the latest Mega Millions results online soon after the draw takes place. You can see them live on TV on Tuesday and Friday evening at 23:00 EST or you can find them online.

  2. Where can you find the latest Mega Millions results?

    The latest winning numbers are posted on the official site of the Mega Millions lottery soon after the draw, but also on our platform.

  3. Do you have to match all the Mega Millions numbers to win something?

    No, you don’t. Matching all the Mega Millions numbers will score you the jackpot, but guessing some of the main numbers and Mega Ball could get you one of the secondary prizes in the game. Take a look at the Mega Millions prize breakdown to see if you qualify for any of them.

Победа в лотерею — мечта каждого

О материальном благополучии мечтают все, независимо от географии, поскольку деньги — это свобода, а большинству из нас ее очень и очень не хватает. А тут — в один момент можно получить все: путешествия, домик у моря, автомобиль. Правда, этого момента нужно ждать годами.

Организаторы лотереи Mega Millions утверждают, что если периодически принимать участие в ее розыгрышах, то вы обязательно дождетесь своего большого приза.

Но лично я советую не верить на слово, а взвешивать варианты, изучать статистику и овладеть хотя бы азами теории вероятности.

Я тоже за научный подход к лотереям. Но и о мощном инструменте внутри себя забывать не стоит — это я об уверенности.

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