Australia monday lottery, draws on Mondays

Australia monday lottery, draws on Mondays are a good way to start the week | big lottos

Rules and terms of the drawing

Cash winnings occur, if the player guesses 6 of 45 numbers. There is also an opportunity to win money using two bonus balls. Of 45 balls are drawn 6 major and 2 extra balls. This happens with the help of a lottery drum.

In this most popular Australian lottery to date 7 super-draws are held once a year. The jackpot in them is 20-30 million Australian dollars.

To play the lottery, you need to register and verify on The lottery administration wants to be sure that, that if he wins, that person will get it, who bought the ticket and for which the account was issued. It is also required under the Money Laundering Prevention Agreement and under Australian law, only people can play the lottery, reached 18 years old. You can play without verification. But then you won't be able to get your winnings.

How Australia Monday Lotto works?

To participate in the game, you need to select six numbers from the matrix 1-45. The player can use their favorite / significant numbers in the game or rely on the random number generator and get a number combination in an instant. Monday lottery has a winning combination, consisting of six main balls and two bonus. Bonus balls are selected from forty-five numbers used in the game. These bonus balls are used for various additional prizes and give you the opportunity to win with one regular number and two bonuses.. This is just one way, by which this lottery increases your chances of winning.

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